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Women’s History Month - Margaret Chan

Margaret Chan is known throughout the world for her efforts to increase global health. During her 9 years as Director of Health in Hong Kong she implemented new services to combat the spread of disease. Margaret Chan gained recognition for handling many different health issues including the avian influenza outbreak in Hong Kong in 1997 and the SARs outbreak in 2003. Chan is the World Health Organization’s current Director General for Pandemic Influenza and Communicable Diseases. Her current efforts lie with helping “people in the greatest need”, focusing on the health of people in Africa and the health of women. She has been recognized globally for her achievements and has received several awards. In 1997 she was awarded by the Royal Colleges of Physicians in the United Kingdom and was declared an Office of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth. In 1999 she was awarded the Prince Mahidol Award for Public Health in Thailand. Margaret Chan’s strides toward global health make her a leading figure in the health community.

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chris evans with a beard is the type of guy to take you out drinking and take you home and fuck you until you cannot walk


chris evans without a beard is the type of guy to bring you flowers and coffee before work and tell you a joke while making love


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Captain America Leather Jacket Hot Version

There is apparently a cold version

And if you couldn’t tell from all the watermarks it’s sold by Leather Jacket Master

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Let me tell you something about today. Today was the hottest day of the year in New Jersey, I woke up sweating despite air conditioning because it was 95 degrees. Now, i did what any logical person would do and I put on my favorite pair of shorts so i wouldn’t be sweating throughout the day.

        Even in my shorts i was sweating my balls off but I went through half of my day as normal, no boys stared at my ass or tried to grope me in public yet when i went to the the cafeteria a teacher told me to go to the office because he finds my shorts inappropriate. I head down to the office to find a group of girls wearing shorts and skirts sitting in a small room in the office, we where all ordered to call our parents or to change into the clothes they had offered us from the school store. These items of clothing included sweatpants and a large heavy sweatshirt. I obviously refused to where those because it was 95 degrees and when you are sweating the key to cool down is NOT to put on more clothes. They told me I would have to stay in that room the whole day if it came down to it.

      I was able to leave the office when my friend gave me a pair of yoga pants. The man who made me go down to the office brought down several other girls as I was leaving, at this point they didn’t care how long the shorts where they just sent everyone who was wearing a pair down. They warned me that if I put my shorts back on they would right me up. 

     I put them back on anyway because just walking down the hallway in those yoga pants made me faint, dizzy,and extremely hot. Thats the main issue, it is hot enough for people to pass out in school but to the school system they would rather a girl suffer from a heat stroke then to have a boy become  turned on. My shorts don’t say “COme fuck me in the middle of class” they say,”Its warm out”

The sexualizing of innocent students is not okay

Risking students health is not okay


Today was literally horrible

I hate our school so much

I can’t reblog this enough omg

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I wish my friends would take random pictures of me when we hang out because I’m an arrogant prick and I want more pictures of myself that aren’t selfies.

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